Vibrations in Physical Systems

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Vibrations in Physical Systems (ISSN 0860-6897) is a open acess journal dedicated
to the distribution of reviewed publications on vibration science and engineering.

Scope of Journal

  • Mathematical Modeling in Sound and Vibration Analysis,
  • Experimental Techniques in Sound and Vibration Engineering,
  • Wave Problems in Solid Mechanics,
  • Analysis of the Non-Linear Deterministic / Stochastic Vibrations Phenomena,
  • Computational Methods in Vibration Problems,
  • Modeling and Identification of Dynamical Systems,
  • Signal Processing and Analysis,
  • Active Vibration Control,
  • Energy Methods in Vibration Engineering,
  • Vibration and Energy Problems Related to Biomechanics,
  • Dynamics of Machinery and Rotating Systems,
  • Vibroacoustics of Machinery, Diagnostics,
  • Vibrations and Noise of Transport Systems, Vehicles, Roads,
  • Structural Dynamics, Vibrations of Composite Materials Structures,
  • Vibration Problems in Environmental Engineering, Vibration of Granular Materials,
  • Vibrations and Dynamic Stability of Structural Elements, Beams, Plates, Shells,
  • Flow-induced vibrations, Fluid-structure interaction, Aeroelasticity,
  • Dynamic behavior of Vibration Isolation Elements and Systems

“Vibrations in Physical Systems” Journal

The reviewed papers will be published in printed and on-line volume of Journal of Vibrations in Physical Systems. This journal has been indexed in list of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Eductaion.

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ISSN 0860-6897
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