Overview of Qualitology

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This book’s title suggests a preliminary, simplified, and general concept of the creation and shape of qualitology, with a possibility of further detailed exploration and development. This is the author’s original concept and is based on the results of own research and an attempt to synthesize the ex- isting scientific achievements. As the fundamental premise in the creation of the overview of qualitology, the drive to transform the dispersed and often incoherent knowledge of quality into a quality system (quality studies) was adopted, which explains it best and eliminates differences between views of the authors, including theoreticians and practitioners. Due to the huge vol- ume, it is impossible to describe the entire achievements in one publication, which means, inter alia, that this book only touches upon the most general issues of the theory of quality, in particular the general theory of quality. Moreover, an assumption was made that problems are worth formulating even when the solutions thereto are not exhaustively developed. This may inspire other authors to work on the development of qualitology.

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